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Welcome to our web site! We have been working on the site and will soon be getting it up to date! Please check back soon and hopefully we will have been able to create and update our pages. Thanks!

Our Mission...

Is to become a leader in the heating and air conditioning and solar field by using and installing only the best equipment and parts to our customers. After all it's our customers that have brought us to our 16 Year mark! That's right MD Services is celebrating our 16 years in business as a leading heating and air conditioning contractor in Contra Costa county. 

We would like to thank all our valued customers for there support! 



Please note that we have many links to the American Standard web site, however if you happen to check there listings for contractors in your area MD Services is NOT listed on there web site. We are however a Dealer of American Standard equipment but are required to pay for that listing from our distributor, We feel that The cost is over priced and we will not pass that cost onto you the consumer. So we are not on list on there web site as it saves you the homeowner that expense. We feel it is in the best interest of our customers to advertise wisely. We also are a dealer of Goodman Equipment (Amana) as American Standard no longer manufactures R22 unit! We however believe the R22 refrigerant  is still the best for use in home A/Cs and we will continue to install and sell them up until the time they are no longer available!

 We always put the customers needs first and will sell only reliable, quality products!


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